Sunday, March 19, 2017

Joyful Learning

Our family is in a time of transition right now. We are moving, although it's not too far, it's a huge change for us. We have lived in our house for about three years now. We have a fairly decent rhythm that our days flow with. Which, on a good day goes something like this: breakfast, morning chores, school work (we do school year round), lunch, field trip or play time, dinner, nighttime chores, baths and then I either read the kids a bedtime chapter book or we watch an educational show. Most nights Kait needs to be taken to one of her activities, so add in quite of bit of driving time in our loose schedule. The last couple of weeks have been a little different for us. We have been packing our house and painting the new house. Chad has been working a ton of hours and we haven't seen him much. He has been going straight to the new house from work where and then begins painting. The kids and I meet him there and they play in the backyard. Once he's done, he comes home, showers and heads back to bed. The kids are used to spending a lot of time with him and having a mostly quiet morning at home and operating on our loose schedule. I was very worried about how they would handle all of this change and how we would get our learning time in. I have to say, I'm shocked at how well they are handling everything. All but one of my little ones are excited to move and even with just doing some online school work and math books, they are learning a ton.

Here are some pictures of our days right now.

Hudsyn being silly!

Making homemade jam with the kids. It turned out delicious!

I love Kait's way of getting around something! She is a witty!

Flag my Bella girl drew!

Kait chalking her name!

Tristin drawing all the road in a town. Love the parking spots!

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