Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Summer Fun List

After a long pregnancy, a long winter and a 6 week adjustment period with our sweet baby Hensley, we are ready to bring back the FUN! Looking forward to summer, we created our summer fun list for 2017! We clearly wont get to each activity but it will serve as a guide for us to pick from!

Places to Go:
Drive in movies
Metro parks
Strawberry/blueberry picking
Creation museum/ark
Imagination station
Lego land
Matinee show
Put-put golfing
Find 10 new parks
Go to the donut shop for breakfast
Go to Calders
Petting zoo
Taylor botanical garden
Rouge factory tour
Greenfield village
Henry Ford museum
IMAX documentaries
Turtle cove
Go to a lighthouse
Go on nature walk
Visit a waterfall
Monroe county fair
Go to the ice cream shop
Batting cages
Play baseball at the park
Volleyball at the metro park
Kalamazoo air zoo
Maker Faire

Things to Do:
Backyard movie
Giant slip and slide
Dye a strip of hair a fun color
Sponge fight
Giant marshmallow fight
Catch fireflies
Silly string fight
Water balloon fight
Set off fireworks
Make forts
Summer reading challenge
Water gun fight
Living room slumber party
Wash bikes
Sidewalk chalk murals
Paint pet rocks
Teach the kids pig Latin
Have bonfires
Have a picnic
Jump on the trampoline in the rain
Play in rain
Make liquid rainbow sidewalk chalk
Science projects
Build/paint birdhouses
Play infected/freeze tag in the dark
Board game nights
Paint with pudding
Sidewalk chalk entire back porch
Pick flowers
Plant a flower garden
Fairy garden
Ice sculpting
Wood burning
Plant a tree
Bird watching
Movie marathon day (space chimps)

Things To Make:
Homemade ice cream
Banana splits
Ice cream bar
Root beer floats
Homemade lemonade
Mulberry muffins/cobbler
Make Popsicles
Snow cones
Make smoothies
Have a weekly treat making night

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