Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Schedule (again)

The girls at their homeschool gymnastics class! So I am totally aware that I only seem to post when we have a schedule change. It seems like we always have a schedule change. My hubby is finally on a regular job (for the first time since we have been married) and a routine seems to be falling onto place! It is so nice to feel some sort of normalcy. Our current "schedule" is: Clean up and love on babies in the morning until around 10:30 - 11:00 Start pre-school with the girls around 11:00-12:00, while the we do that T does all of his handwriting, spelling and math. If he needs help he is welcome to ask anytime. After that is lunch then naps for the little 2 or 3 At night we do all the rest of our work, usually Language Arts, Reading, and Science. T still struggles very much with focus during the day but he is getting so much better at writing assignments and math that I never even have to tell him it's time to get them out. When I say it's time for pre-school he gets his books out and heads to the desk. He almost always can get through his work with no help if I have explained it well before I begin reading. The biggest problem has always been reading, in fact I almost hired a tutor because I thought he just wasn't getting something (that I was also missing) but one night over the summer while we were laying in my bed with a school book he read the whole thing. I realized that the problem might have been timing and focus more than ability. Now that we save that for night time, when we are alone he does great. No focus problem at all at night time!!!!!! He sounds out the words he doesn't know and zips through a story in no time! It is so rewarding to see your child reading and know that it is because you sat by his side patiently (for the most part) until he was able to comprehend. Looking back I think a lot of our issues stem from the fact that he is a boy and his brain is wired in a way that makes slowing down difficult. Homeschooling is a journey that for us has been wonderful. I can't imagine ever sending our kids to school, it is so much fun to watch them learn! I am so thankful that God has led us down this path!!!