Saturday, May 6, 2017

The In-Between

We've been steadily busy the last 6 weeks or so managing sickness and doing school. Although it's been a bit of a challenge having so many sick kids and keeping up with daily life, I've enjoyed all the small, quiet moments in-between.

Greysen and Maezy drawing on the boards while I read for school. 

I accidentally forgot to have the kids do their laundry for about a week. This is the result. The folded and hung while I read aloud. No one seemed to mind the piles and piles of laundry to take care of. 

While I read for school, the kids are free to do quiet activities. Screens are usually prohibited but I let them use their computers this day. Tristan was searching for Jeeps to buy when he has enough money saved and Bella was researching tiny house plans. Her and Husyn plan to live in a tiny house when they are older. 

After researching, here are the plans she drew up, with Hudsyn's input, for their future tiny house.

I ordered the kids dry erase lap board to make taking school outdoors easier. They have had so much fun using the dry erase crayons with them! 

Maze reading to Easton and Greysen

Snuggling and watching some Netflix on mom's old phone

While I am feeding Hensley people often ask me to read to them, which I am happy to do, but I need a little help turning the pages. ;) 

Maezy reading to me and Tristin on the swing

Easton snuggling with me during school

Maezy hauled all the paints out to the picnic table to create something beautiful! 

Easton decided to join her! 

There's been a lot of resting and snuggling. Easton loves to sleep in my bed with me!

Lots of outside play has happened!

Go cart repair with the neighbor kiddo! 

This day Chad and I were playing basketball together and decided to raise the hoop to 10 feet. It was hilariously high. Here the kids joined us and Bella is making a shot backwards! Lol! 

Easton loves this swing this year!

After a long day of play, he fell asleep before he could eat dinner

Greysen often gifts Hensley storm trooper lego men for her pockets. Every time I see her like this, I laugh! 

Sick sleeping beauty

Chad found a great deal on a truck and purchased it. The morning he went to buy it, he took the older boys with him. The girs and Easton stayed home with me. We went and got donuts and ate them on the swing together! 

The kids playing in the back of his truck the day he brought it home! 

The kids love playing in the bed of his truck. Here the girls are listening to an audio book back there earlier today. They had a whole set-up with blankets. 

Field Trip Friday!

The kids have had whooping cough for a long while now, so field trip Friday's have had to be to outdoor places. We were hoping to be able to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast then to the Firehouse Museum and to the Yankee Air Museum yesterday but Hensley is having a hard time with this sickness and we ended up having a movie marathon day at home instead of going out! We watched a bunch of great movies, the kids favorites were Ann of Green Gables and several of the Star Wars movies. 

Field Trip Friday on 4/21/17 Greenfield Village

One of Maezy's favorite things in life is riding this carousel, it was her first ride of the year!

Easton worked super hard to get to the top of this climbing web, it doesn't look like it in this picture but it's really high! 

The first time the big kids were able to ride in a Model T alone! 

Field Trip Friday 4/28/17

Pizza for lunch and play time at Lower Huron Metro Park

Tristin and Chad played frisbee for about an hour. Tristin loves frisbee! 

The girls were doing cartwheels so Chad showed them his tricks! 

Field Trip Friday in 5/5/17 Movie Marathon Day!

Popcorn and Root Beer Floats while watching Star Wars! It was the first time Bella, Hudsyn, Greysen and Maezy ever saw it!