Friday, June 18, 2010

In The Last Three Weeks

Had School - on the porch, lots of shade a nice breeze and plenty of nature to enjoy
Willow Metro Park - had a picnic, played on the playground and the kids went on a row boat with Daddy
Turtle Cove Waterpark - there was a storm, waterpark shut down, we came home ate luch and went back
Heritage Park - picnic and we walked while the older two rode bikes
Great Lakes Crossing - shopping and lunch (weather not so nice, so we ended up here)
Erie Metro Park - grilled kabobs, played on the playground, kicked around the soccer ball and enjoyed watching the boats on the water
Toledo Zoo - Bell's birthday choice we didn't see many animals but we did play in the stream, climb a rockwall, watch ants work in tunnels and see how bee's work in their hives. We went on the safari train to make ourselves feel better about being at the zoo and seeing almost no animals!
Back to Turtle Cove - swimming with Miss Sarah, Garbriella and Angelina
Went to visit Papaw and Mamaw (I think twice)
Bought new bikes for the kids and ourselves and pull behinds for the littles
Went out to dinner - at Old Chicago Grille and at Big Bear Lodge with Popaw for Fathers Day
Re-did Bell's room for her birthday
Went to Kait's fifth grade graduation - my how the time flies
Somewhere in there all of the kids got sick with cold or croup and Chad had the flu. We have been really busy, but having so much fun. We really do love having a big family, it is so cool to see them enjoy each others company.