Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Typical School Day Looks Like!

Baby Grey learing to walk (posted purely for Nana's enjoyment)
Miss Mae laying in momma's lap listening to me read the Bible
Tristin & Bell researching the venus fly trap
Desk T "invented" for doing school at.
T trudging through math on a cold crabby Monday. Hudsyn wanting to make herself a craft
Picture of me T took while Kait was reading to us
Kait reading Dr. Doolittle to T, Bell and a the neighbor kids,
she was guest teacher on take your child to work day
Hudsy making playdough creations School on the back deck Learing to measure
Tristin exploring nature
Bell examining a lilac after reading "How Flowers Grow"
T doing math in the backyard on the playpen mat

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We overheard Hudsyn in the car today sharing with no one in particular: I didn't found the guys, I found Jesus. By the guys she means her siblings. It melted my heart coming out of the mouth of my two year old. Thank you Jesus that you give understanding even to little children.