Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tree Day!

So much has changed since the last time I sat down to write a blog post. We've moved, I'm pregnant, birthdays have come and gone. I won't even try to catch life up on my blog right now. I just want to post a few pictures and save some memories today. :) 

Here are some pictures of Christmas tree day at our house! 

The kids were so excited to see our new tree being put up!

Hudsyn wrapped some garland around her head and made herself  a crown.

Maezy sat at the counter and made sweet faces at me for the longest time. 

Hudsyn caught onto Maezy's act and joined in the fun!

Bella took Christmas tree day seriously this year, she helped Chad fluff the whole thing then strategically helped decorate it. 

Bella took Christmas tree day seriously this year, she helped Chad fluff the whole thing then strategically helped decorate it. 

Chad insisted on taking pictures of me. Since he did I realized my belly is getting huge! 

Hudsyn loved all the sparkly new ornaments. 

My kids all love nature, it shouldn't have surprised me that this is one of their favorite ornaments.

This was the day after we put up the tree, we needed a new star. The first one we bought was not fantastic enough. 

Maezy was so smitten with the star she kept gasping, putting her hands over her mouth and laughing with delight! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Summer Fun List!!!

For several weeks the kids and I discussed the things we wanted to do this summer. This list is what we came up with. I'm sure we will add to it as we think of more. Some of these we do every year and some we have already completed this year!

Giant Slip and Slide
May 2011

1. Bowling

2. Camping

3. Canoe on the lake at the Metro Park

4. Catch fireflies

5. Drive-in movies

6. Find 10 new parks

7. Fireworks

8. Fishing

9. Fly kites

10. Giant marshmallow fight

11. Go to a Mudhens game

12. Go to matinee shows

13. Go to the donut shop for breakfast

14. Have a teddy bear tea party

15. Have a water sponge fight

16. Hougton/Higgins lake

17. Ice Skating

18.  Kiddie pool filled with water and dish soap, use a hula hoop to make giant bubbles

19. Make forts

20. Make a giant homemade slip and slide

21. Make banana splits

22. Make homemade ice cream

23. Make homemade jam

24. Make homemade lemonade

25. Make pickles

26. Make our own sidewalk chalk

27. Move patio furniture out and cover entire pavilion floor in chalk

28.Nature walks

29. Obstacle course

30. Paint with pudding

31. Pick strawberries

32. Plant a garden

33. Plant sunflowers

34. Play messy twister

35. Putt-Putt/trampolines/go-karts

36. Rocket launch

37. Roller skating

38run through sprinklers

39. Scavenger hunt

40. See a children's theater production

41. Silly string fight

42. Take a weekend trip to Cedar Point/Michigan Adventure

43. Throw sparklers  in the fire pit (if you've never tried it, it's beautiful)

44. Water balloon fight

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Last Two Weeks.....

The last couple of  weeks have been busy, busy,busy. Chad leaves for work at 9am and he comes home about 8pm, Monday through Saturday. Since he is gone most of the time the kids have been getting up, doing their school work and chores and by noon we are off adventuring. Kaitlynne has been such an amazing helper. Every time I mention going somewhere she knows she is going to have to be my right hand girl and still she is ready to go at the drop of a hat. She works HARD and never complains. It's crazy.I am pretty sure I have the greatest teenager ever!

I wanted to post some photos of the last couple of weeks before I get all OCD and delete them off of my phone. Since, my kids always want to use my camera when we go places I end up using my phone. I'll have to see if I can fix that. I didn't post anything that I posted to Facebook. As long as I have a place to go back and look at my pictures. I'm a happy camper! :)


Playing with Tristin! He was trying to stop me from taking a picture. He hates to have his picture taken!

I searched high and low to find Greysen to get his jammies on for bed. I found him hiding in his sister's bed.

Snuggling and movies with GJ and Maezy while the big kids went to take your child to work day with my step-mom.

The girls hamster, No Bones, passed away. They all got dressed up and had a little service for him.

Kait officiating the service and Chad acting as the gravedigger. :)

Tristin made No Bones a headstone

On a sunny day we had a picnic lunch and played on the playground at Heritage Park.

After the park we ran by the grocery store and bought the ingredients to make puppy chow for a family movie night!

Reading to the girls at bedtime. Their heads go on the other end. I looked up and all three of them were wide-eyed listening to the Boxcar Children mystery we were reading.

We decided it was time to pull the summer clothes out. Which led to us going through 17 Rubbermaid tubs on the porch. We reorganized and donated lots of clothes. We ended up with 11 tubs. Hudsyn was excited we found Daddy's summer hats. 

Kait and Tristin having a game night after all the other kids were asleep. She made me laugh, dividing the mini chocolate chips one by one.

On one of Chad's Sundays off we found a new park. I decided grab happy meals and take the kids after school one day. It happens to be near a rail yard. We didn't realize it when we went but Chad was on his way to that rail yard. So the kids were all able to see their Daddy on the train that day! 

Greysen's self portrait I found on my phone. So sweet.

Kait's self portrait I found on my phone. Ususally if she takes one she changes it to my background. Silly girl.

Kait and I got really brave one day and decided to take the kids to the park for a bike ride. The bike rack was a challenge but we figured it out!

Kait pulled the babies almost the whole walk.

They always ditch their bikes and roll down the hill!

Water break!

Pancake helper? Maybe taste tester!

One brave morning we decided to load the kids up for a full day of parks. First stop was a new-to-us park on the river.

It was so hot, Kait couldn't help but have fun. I mean, look at that face!

Next we went to Oakwoods Metropark to the nature center. The boys were so excited over an ant. Lol!

Milk snake in the nature center. Tristin is now obsessed with getting one. Probably not going to happened.

The babies loved the turtles.

Checking out the crayfish.

Nature walk at Oakwoods.

Then we went down the road a bit to Willow Metropark to play on the playground and read our latest book.

Tristin and Kait "hung out" while I read to them. :)