Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Times

Our school days are going well. Our routine right now is all of our reading is done at night after the babies are asleep. This is because Hudsy and Grey are very loud during read aloud time. Breaking up our day works for other reasons as well, the kids are still small and have very short attention spans and Kait get to soak up the rich literature we have the privilege of enjoying every day. We are working toward having family worship time every night after reading. That has been a lot of fun.
The day before yesterday we all sat on the floor in the living room and Tristin sat in the box for our trampoline net (pretending it was a boat) and we did school that there. I started to take pics but my camera battery went dead.
Yesterday we took off official school and did life school. I took all the kids to target and we picked out some decorations for Daddy's birthday. We came home and made cupcakes and decorated. Tristin can break an egg like it nobodies business and is learning how to use measuring cups and turn on the oven. I also let him, for the first time, try to take the cupcakes out of the oven. He did great. We had a ton of fun. The kids were so excited to "surprise" Daddy when he got home from work.
I am finding more and more after our busy weekends (with three hours of theater on Saturdays and church on Sundays) I can't wait until time for school. It is my favorite time during the day. Nothing is more enjoyable than teaching my kids. I never dreamed that we would enjoy homeschooling this much when we began. I am so thankful God has led us down this path.