Monday, January 27, 2014

Sister Love

I had the privilege of watching the sweetest interaction between my oldest and youngest daughter recently. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but I wanted to write it down somewhere for my girls to read when they are older, this seems to be the only place that I manage to get pen to paper, so to speak.  Kait, my 14 year old was in her room listening to music and doing a few things, Maezy (4) and I went in for a few minutes to chat and hang out with her. As soon as we walked in Maezy started dancing, the girl loves to dance. When we were done chatting Kait told Maezy she could stay in her room and dance. Maezy said she wanted to have a dance party, Kait told her she could have one in her room, but Maezy said she wanted one in her own room, without a second thought Kait took her music phone and her speaker into the girls room. Which I thought was so sweet, she gave up her own music so her little sister could enjoy it. My favorite part of their cute little interaction though, was that after Kait out of the girls room, Maezy followed her back into her room and said, "no, Kait, remember the last time when Hudsyn had a dance party? She had make-up on and my nails don't have anything on them." Which was her way of asking her big sister to do her make-up and polish her  nails. Kait put everything she was working on aside, looked at Maezy so sincerly and said, "oh sweetie, come sit right here then." She as usual, put a little bit of make-up on her and polished her nails.

I love, love, love  the bond that our kids have with each other. They get along so well as a group, in trios, or in pairs. It is absolutely my treat to get to watch them grow up together and see their relationships form and grow.

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