Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Morning in Pictures!

It took me a while to get our Christmas pictures uploaded this year. Life is so busy and so fun! We are loving all these snow days. We have been having tons of fun with school and making lots of arts and crafts. Pictures fell to the very bottom of my priority list, but I wanted to make sure they did get posted somewhere as a way for us to remember this Christmas. It's a very picture heavy post, I just want to make sure to document my favorite holiday! This year we started upstairs with gifts from Dad and Mom and moved down to the basement for Santa gifts. We couldn't get our girls to come downstairs with us because they were so in love with an animal set they received from us, they couldn't stop playing with it. Once we got them down there, they were so excited to find a great portion of the same animal set we had given them a small piece of upstairs. As a side note, pay no attention to the fact that Kait and I are wearing the exact same thing. She came home from her Dad's house Christmas morning and walked in and I couldn't help but laugh....we were wearing the exact same hoodies and black pants. At least once a week we fight over who gets to wear that hoodie. We refuse to go out matching, so it usually comes down to whichever one of us is more desperate for our favorite hoodie. ;) 

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