Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kids House Wish List!

The kids came up with this list all by themselves. Some of the things they added to their house wish list surprised me. Hardwood floors? Metal roof? These are definitely our kids! 😉

Circle Drive for walking around and riding bikes 
Large barn 
Somewhere for animals - chicken coops/rabbit hutches/stables? 
Play area - lego play - basement 
Property - at least a couple acres 
Good climbing trees
Chicken eggs 
Fruit trees 
Good bedroom - hardwood floors, space for a desk
Place for camper 
Campfire area 
Place for all outside toys we already have - playscape, climber, airplane teeter-totter, trampoline, sandbox, pool & basketball hoop 
Large open grassy area 
Pool spot 
Trail through woods 
Area to ride go-carts
Dirt road 
Metal roof 

Good hiding spots in yard 

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